Asian Mint in the News: Doing Good in the Time of Covid-19

Asian Mint in the News: Doing Good in the Time of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for everyone from all walks of life. For people in the restaurant industry, it means businesses are limiting their operations to takeout or closing their doors altogether. For restaurant workers employed in establishments that were forced to shut down because of the crisis, it means they have to struggle without a source of income until things go back to normal.

On the other hand, there are players in the industry who have chosen to see the silver lining in this dire situation. For them, the crisis is an opportunity for doing good and serving the community.

Asian Mint is one of them. We understand how difficult the Covid-19 situation is for everyone. Just like other restaurants, we had to close our dining rooms to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. But the crisis has given us the chance to stand by our mission to feed souls and serve the community. Our friends in the media have taken notice and mentioned our efforts in their writeups about restaurants doing good in Texas amid the pandemic.

Doing good by giving back

Dallas Observer recently posted a list of restaurants that are doing good and giving back to the community amid the pandemic. Asian Mint made it to the list. The article noted our participation in the Comfort Food Package Program, which provided meals to children and families in need. The Comfort Food Package Program was spearheaded by the Governor’s Public Safety Office.

Doing good by supporting the restaurant industry

Support goes both ways, of course. This article on TexasMonthly calls on Texans who aren’t negatively affected by the coronavirus crisis to support the Texas restaurant industry. Every little bit can go a long way towards helping restaurant and bar workers displaced by the crisis. The article lists non-profit organizations that are currently providing relief to these workers.

Donating to these non-profits aren’t the only way you can help the industry. The simple act of ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant is one way. The article lists other easy and practical ways you can show your support. Among the ways listed is finding restaurants that came up with innovative products. Asian Mint’s ChefMint is one such product mentioned in the article.

The Covid-19 crisis has put all of us in a challenging situation. But we can definitely overcome it by helping each other stay safe and healthy during this time.

Stay safe and see you soon, Mint Fanatics!


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