Asian Mint’s 15th Anniversary Charity Event

Asian Mint’s 15th Anniversary Charity Event

Asian Mint’s 15th anniversary charity event last October 19 was a lively and fun-filled day-long event for old friends and patrons of the restaurant.

Different locations hosted parties at different times. The Forest Lane branch kicked off celebrations at 12 – 2 pm. The Inwood Village branch began festivities at 7:30 pm and wrapped up at 9:30 pm. Patrons reserved seats by donating $15. This entitled them to hang out with Asian Mint founder Nikky Phinyawatana. Chef Nikky was featured in an earlier “Fierce Female” issue of The Preston Hollow Advocate.

In addition, donors got a nifty, exclusive t-shirt with an “Asian Mintee” print. They also got a drink and heavy appetizers. Everyone got to enjoy Asian Mint’s signature dishes, plus a few originals from the restaurant’s very own throwback menu!

Asian Mint Brings Back Old Favorite Dishes

Whether you’re an established fan or new of Asian Mint’s dishes, their throwback menu was sure to have something to enjoy. The restaurant rolled out old favorites such as pad thai rolls, grilled Thai fish balls, duck red curry and rad nah.

Pad thai fans got a treat with pad thai rolls. The ingredients of their favorite dish were rolled up in bite-sized, crispy wrappers, and served with the restaurant’s signature sweet and sour sauce.

Any cocktail could go well with grilled Thai fish balls. This popular street food recipe that used to be available only at the restaurant’s Oak Lawn location.

Fans of red curry enjoyed the strong flavors slathered onto roasted duck. They could even get a taste of rich pineapple accent in the bargain!

Fresh rice noodles with gravy and meat and/or shrimp (you can choose your own protein toppings!) make up the delicious rad nah.

These “throwback dishes” were available only for a limited time. As with all of their dishes, Asian Mint prepared these old faves with the freshest ingredients. And, of course, the restaurant’s trademark new Bangkok, Asian fusion style took center stage.

Asian Mint Gives Back

100% of the cash donated by patrons during the charity event went to supporting two charities: Les Dames d’Escoffier and the TRA Education Foundation.

Chef Nikky is a member of the Les Dames d’Escoffier. This business group brings together women professionals in the hospitality, fine beverage, and food industries. Its senior members take the lead in culinary instruction, by mentoring junior members and extending assistance to students.

The TRA Education Foundation is another institute that supports students in the Texas area. It welcomes students interested in pursuing careers related to the food industry. Over 240 schools offer their Texas ProStart program, which is adapted from the national ProStart program, but with a “Texas twist.” In 2018, Chef Nikky was named to the President’s Circle of the TRA Education Foundation (TRAEF). This was in recognition of her significant contributions to the foundation’s development programs.

Sounds like fun? Even if you missed Asian Mint’s 15th anniversary charity event, you can still drop by the restaurant and enjoy great Thai food! Follow us on social media and stay tuned for other events.


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