Duckworth Distillery will be at A Dame Good Party!

Duckworth Distillery will be at A Dame Good Party!

Celebrate A Dame Good Party with Duckworth Distillery

Join us March 5th for A Dame Good Party with Les Dames d’Escoffier Dallas and our good friends at Duckworth Distillery. We’d love to see you there. Catch this short video for more information!

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Les Dames d’Escoffier International is the only organization of its kind: a worldwide, 501(c)3 non-profit, philanthropic society of professional women leaders in the fields of food, fine wine and beverage, and hospitality. The invitation-only membership, composed of 36 autonomous chapter chapters across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, is highly diversified and reflects the multifaceted fields of food, fine wine and beverage, and hospitality. LDEI Dallas was formed in 1984 and includes a select group of some of the finest and most distinguished women in their fields, working throughout our North Texas community.

LDEI is an international organization of women leaders who create a supportive culture in their communities to achieve excellence in the culinary, fine beverage, hospitality and food professions. To do this members share knowledge, support members and provide leadership, educational opportunities and philanthropic events for the larger North Texas community.


Here we are at
Duckworth Distillery in Dallas,
getting ready for the planning
stages for “A Dames Good Party.”
And here we have,
who have we got with us?
Nikky, from Asian Mint and…
Julia from Duckworth Distillery.
And in the background,
who’s your bartender?
It’s Lee, I’m the Distiller.
Hi, Lee, how are you guys doing?
And what have you got here tonight for us?
This is the French oak vodka.
This is vodka that spent
time in French oak barrels,
and it picked up a little
vanillin, if you will,
from the French oak, so it
gives it vanilla overtones.
And I see,
can I see over here
that you’ve got some medals
around these bottles?
Oh yes, absolutely.
They’re all gold-winning medals.
Lee, why don’t
you quickly tell them.
Yes, well, so, wanted
to see how our vodka was doing
to compare it to other
vodkas in the world.
So, the largest competition in
the world for adult beverages
is put on by the Beverage
Testing Institute in Chicago.
We entered it.
We got three gold medals
and they picked my truffle
bud vodka as the number one,
highest scoring vodka in the world.
That’s fantastic.
Will that be out at our Dames
Good Party March the 5th?
Of course, of course.
Okay guys,
come along. March the 5th.


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