Donate a Meal to Our Frontline Health Workers through Asian Mint

Donate a Meal to Our Frontline Health Workers through Asian Mint

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon us unprecedented challenges. Among the brave people who are actively helping all of us face these challenges and mitigate the effects of this pandemic are the frontline health workers. They are the doctors, nurses, and other essential staff in our hospitals, treating the patients who have come down with the novel coronavirus and keeping the infection at bay.

It’s important that we show our appreciation to these frontline workers. So, we are inviting you to join Asian Mint’s efforts to feed the frontline and donate to this cause. Asian Mint is doing this project in partnership with the non-profit Feed the Front Line.

It only takes $10 to donate a meal to our frontline

Your $10 can go a long way in feeding the souls of our health workers. A delicious meal made with fresh and healthy ingredients will keep their strength and hopes up so that they can continue fighting Covid-19 for us. All the proceeds of this donation drive will be given to hospitals all over the North Texas area through Feed the Front Line.

How can you donate a meal? You can visit our ChefMint page or place your order directly here: If you want to give the food in person, you can pick them up at your nearest Asian Mint location.

Let’s do our part and show our frontline health workers how much we appreciate their sacrifice and hard work. Please join this cause today.

Stay safe, Mint Fanatics, and see you soon!


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