Supporting Mrs. Hatcher’s Class through

Supporting Mrs. Hatcher’s Class through

serving our community ONE CLASSROOM AT A TIME

At Asian Mint, we’re committed to serving our community. Mrs. Hatcher requested Kindle Fire cases for her classroom project called “Advancement Via Individual Determination.” Through this work, we’re helping those students who are most in need to learn and thrive.

Mrs. Hatcher writes, “My students all signed up for a special program called AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. Many will be the first in their family, not only to graduate from college, but to attend. Many have English as a second language. Most have limited resources at home. But all are motivated to succeed. All are dedicated to their own education.

All of them want a chance at the American Dream.

They are an inspiration to me and I am honored to be their teacher.”

“We gave to this project because we are a firm believer in education and teachers and students like yourselves. We are dedicating this donation to our customers of Asian Mint and The Mint restaurants. They have inspired us to do our best and we want you to do the same. Work hard and have fun!”

Here’s a message we’d love to share from Mrs. Hatcher, along with photos from her class!

Serving the community at Asian Mint: A message from Mrs. Hatcher



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