Asian Mint Lands Hoodline’s List of Best Thai Spots in Dallas

Asian Mint Lands Hoodline’s List of Best Thai Spots in Dallas

Hi there, Mint Fanatics. It seems that Asian Mint has landed yet another list of best Thai spots in Dallas. This time, the mention is from Hoodline.

News like this is always thrilling, and the thrill never gets old. Thank you so much, Hoodline, for including us in your list.

Hoodline is building the “nearby button” of the Internet

Hoodline is a hyperlocal news outfit headquartered in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, California. It’s considered a main source of news and information in the greater Bay Area, covering local businesses, cuisine trends, and events. It also delves into issues involving transportation, vacancy concerns, neighborhood safety, and others.

What makes Hoodline a standout among media companies delivering news and information at the neighborhood level is it automates the process of news gathering. Its proprietary technology platform, called Atlas, as well as its partnerships with other media and information publishers make this automation possible. So, even though Hoodline is based in California’s Bay Area, its platform makes it capable of delivering relevant, neighborhood-level information and insights wherever that neighborhood may be.

To come up with a list of best Thai spots in Dallas, Hoodline used Yelp data and their so-called “secret sauce.” Our Pad Thai Woon Sen, sriracha chicken, and traditional Thai chicken wrap got special mentions. The writeup also cited a review that praised our “super cute” décor.

Asian Mint welcomes your Yelp reviews

The Hoodline writeup underscores the importance of the feedback that people leave at user-driven review sites like Yelp. These review sites provide a valuable channel of communication between a restaurant like Asian Mint and its customers. It’s not just about the rankings. The reviews on these sites let us discover which areas of our service we excel at, and which areas could use a bit more work.

So, Mint Fanatics, we encourage all of you to leave reviews at Yelp and other review sites after a visit at Asian Mint. Let others know what you like (or don’t like) at Asian Mint. Tell us how much you love our Pad Thai or not at all, whether our service was exceptional or sucked during your visit, and whatever else you need us to know. We welcome helpful, constructive, and reasonable feedback; we consider them valuable because it lets us discover ways to give you a better experience the next time you dine at Asian Mint. Keep the feedback coming. If you can’t do it through Yelp, you can also get in touch with us through phone, email, and social media.

See you soon, Mint Fanatics!


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