Asian Mint’s Chef Nikky Featured on Local Profile

Asian Mint’s Chef Nikky Featured on Local Profile

The word on Asian Mint coming to Richardson by September’s end is still making the rounds. And we’re really happy that people are interested in it. Recently, our Chef Nikky Phinyawatana had lunch with Local Profile’s Alex Gonzalez to talk about Asian Mint, as well as other topics close to Chef Nikky’s heart.

Here’s a shoutout to Alex—thank you so much for spending time and writing lovely words about Chef Nikky and Asian Mint. We really appreciate it.

Local Profile calls itself “the cultural compass of Collin County”

Local Profile is a magazine based in Plano. Dubbed “the cultural compass of Collin County,” Local Profile covers a wide range of topics that Collin County residents are passionate about. These topics include the arts scene, the foodie landscape, business, health, and various issues affecting the community.

The magazine also has a special section for the non-profit organizations based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The DFW area is notably home to 31,000 non-profit organizations, most of which are in Collin County. This makes DFW the second-largest most giving community in the US, second only to Houston. In this special section, Local Profile puts the spotlight on social issues in Collin County and what these organizations are doing about it.

Local Profile releases its magazines on a monthly basis. They’re available in both print and virtual form.

Chef Nikky talks about passion, Thai food, and feeding souls

What did Chef Nikky and Alex talk about in her Local Profile write-up? First of all, the article touched on the upcoming opening of Asian Mint in Richardson. In case you missed it, it’s going to be at 300 W. Campbell, where EnjoyMint used to be.

Chef Nikky and Alex also had a chat about how she got into the restaurant business after finishing college in Boston. They discussed her food philosophy and how she applies it to the dishes served at Asian Mint.

Lastly, Chef Nikky shared how she came up with the idea of launching a web series, which eventually became her Nikky Feeding Souls YouTube channel.

Read more about their conversation here.



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