Testimonials from Asian Mint Fanatics!

Testimonials from our Mint Fanatics

My name is Kendall, and I love Asian Mint. Asian Mint is my favorite restaurant. It’s so good. I like to get the chicken pad see ew. I come here at least once every week. I really like how you can get something that’s spicy and not so spicy at the same time. I like it when it’s sweet too. It can also be gluten free, which is pretty cool because my uncle is gluten free.

Hi, my name is Ann. We’re here at Asian Mint, our favorite restaurant in Dallas. The best green basil fried rice, pad kee mao. We’ve never had a bad thing. We love it. We’re just waiting on our food to come out. It’s usually really fast and everything’s always fresh and awesome. And gluten free, which we’ve got lots of sensitivities in our family, so it’s great. Thanks.

Hi! My name is Carmen and we love coming to Mint. It has the most delicious Thai food ever and I ordered the cod today. I love the fish here and all of their desserts are awesome too, especially the sticky mango rice. Isn’t that right Michelle?

Yes, it’s delicious. We love it. We come here all the time, so come on down and check it out.

We do like this place. That’s why we are here, and we usually come here … Basically between lunch and dinner. Anyway, I hope you guys can come over and check it out.

Hi I’m Janet and I had the cashew chicken. It was fabulous.

My name is Jeep, and I’m the manager of Asian Mint, Asian fusion restaurant in Dallas, Texas. We located on southwest corner of 75 and Forest. I really want you guys to come and check out on our food, our desserts and our drinks. We have a lot of favorite menus for the customer. I’m going to wish for you guys right here to come back and see us whenever you have time. Thank you very much, and see you soon!

My name is Nikky Phinyawatana and I’m here to tell you all about Asian Mint here in Dallas, Texas. We are a very comfortable neighborhood-y Thai restaurant coupled with a full bar, great cocktails, full wine list, Thai menu and sushi. We have great specials, happy hours and for more information, you can visit us at asianmint.com. Please come and visit us soon. Thank you!


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