Chef Nikky Is NRAEF Ambassador of Hospitality 2020 Nominee

Chef Nikky Is NRAEF Ambassador of Hospitality 2020 Nominee

Hey, Mint Fanatics! You probably know by now that Chef Nikky Phinyawatana is a nominee for the 2020 Faces of Diversity Award. Well, it seems like it’s not the only award she’s up for with the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation (NRAEF). We’ve got news that Chef Nikky is also a nominee for the Thad and Alice Eure Ambassador of Hospitality 2020 Award.

Congrats again, Chef Nikky!

What is the Thad and Alice Eure Ambassador of Hospitality Award?

The Thad and Alice Eure Ambassador of Hospitality Award is the highest recognition that NRAEF gives. The organization hands this Award to people who have shown extraordinary leadership in the restaurant and food service industries. The Award’s nominees and recipients have used their position to help improve standards and conditions within the hospitality industry.

Moreover, the nominees and awardees have given their time and resources generously to mentor new industry leaders. They have also consistently given back to their communities in different ways, including giving to charity.

The Ambassador of Hospitality Award honors the legacy of Thad and Alice Eure. The late Thad Eure sat on the NRAEF board of directors and served as its president in the 1978. Along with his wife Alice, Thad Eure was instrumental in shaping the restaurant industry into what it is today. He sat at the head of his own restaurant empire, and this empire still exists today.

Philanthropy and service are part of the Asian Mint DNA

As we keep mentioning on this blog, charitable giving is one of the pillar principles of Asian Mint. A portion of its sales automatically go to charity. In addition, Asian Mint regularly participates in one-off fundraisers and charitable events. You can read more about how Asian Mint gives back here.

Besides that, Chef Nikky personally believes there’s a strong need to raise up new leaders in the Dallas culinary industry. Producing new industry leaders means creating new jobs and enriching Dallas’ food culture. Chef Nikky also donates to the education programs of various organizations and institutions. Among these organizations are Les Dames D’Escoffier, the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association, El Centro College, and the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF). Plus, she currently sits on the TRAEF board of trustees.

Once again, congratulations, Chef Nikky! We do hope you win it.


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