Asian Mint-Sponsored RevAMP Dallas Raises $30K for North Texas Food Bank

Asian Mint-Sponsored RevAMP Dallas Raises $30K for North Texas Food Bank

Hey, Mint Fanatics. A few weeks ago, we announced that Asian Mint is sponsoring the RevAMP Dallas concert. This concert, held on October 12 at Gas Monkey Live, was organized by students of St. Mark’s School of Dallas. Its goal was to raise funds for the North Texas Food Bank.

October 12 has come and gone. According to Hockaday FourCast reporter Kelsey Chen, the event was a success. We’re proud to say that the concert raised around $30,000.

Good job, RevAMP Dallas team! And thank you, Mint Fanatics, for supporting this event.

RevAMP Dallas gave a platform for the city’s young artists

RevAMP Dallas’ headliner is Los Angeles-based songwriter CVBZ, also known as Sean Jacobs. CVBZ has gold- and platinum-certified records under his belt. Additionally, he has a 1.5 million-strong following on Spotify. Though an artist from out-of-town served as the concert’s main act, local musicians made up the supporting acts. Many of these local musicians hail from St. Mark’s. These included DJ Halcyon Dallas, rapper ASWoP, and rock band Fifth Phoenix.

According to the Hockaday FourCast report, CVBZ took the time to give the local performers feedback on how they did on stage.

Other artists benefited from the concert as well. Photography students from the Wabi-Sabi Project set up a booth to sell their work. Like with the concert, the proceeds from the sales also went to the North Texas Food Bank. The Wabi-Sabi Project is founded by St. Mark student Zubin Mehta.

Concert organizers Eddi Raj, Charlie Rubarth, and Aasha Ardilla believe that the concert will grow significantly in the future. They hope to sell more tickets and raise more funds in the years to come.

Asian Mint is proud to have sponsored RevAMP Dallas

Asian Mint is honored to be part of this fun, charitable event. We’re happy to see young people caring for others and doing what they can to make a difference. And we’re always open to supporting such endeavors as much as we can.

Again, good job and congratulations to the RevAMP Dallas team. We’re looking forward to more RevAMP Dallas concerts in the coming years.


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