Chef Nikky Among Dallas Top Chefs Joining PaperCity Recipes

Chef Nikky Among Dallas Top Chefs Joining PaperCity Recipes

The coronavirus pandemic may have dampened the Dallas food scene, but it’s definitely still alive and vigorously kicking. With Dallasite foodies opting to stay at home, the food scene only shifted its setting—from restaurants’ dining rooms to these foodies’ own kitchens.

Our intrepid Dallas chefs are certainly up to the task of bringing their signature dishes to their fans’ kitchens—whether through takeout, meal kits, or any other means. With that in mind, luxury magazine PaperCity has launched a new project dubbed PaperCity Recipes, aimed at bringing Dallas chefs closer to the city’s foodies. Our Chef Nikky Phinyawatana is among these top chefs invited to kickstart the project.

PaperCity Recipes features curated recipes from Dallas top chefs

Simply defined, PaperCity Recipes is a collection of recipes from Dallas’ leading chefs and restaurateurs. What makes these recipes so special is that most of them are the contributing chefs’ personal favorites. They’re dishes that these chefs like making at home and have fond memories connected with.

As mentioned earlier, the project aims to bring Dallas chefs closer to the city’s foodies. The recipes will show these foodies how they can make their restaurant favorites in their own kitchen. At the same time, the project gives them an opportunity to support their local chefs and restaurants. This opportunity comes in the form of updates on restaurant news and promos.

Access to PaperCity Recipes is free; you only need to sign up for a free PaperCity account. The magazine is also in the process of bringing in more chefs to contribute recipes to the project.

Chef Nikky contributes a recipe from her childhood

So, what did Chef Nikky contribute to PaperCity Recipes? Most of you can guess what it is. It’s a favorite from her childhood in Bangkok, and she has so many awesome memories associated with it. It’s a dish she has shared over and over in her cooking classes and her Nikky Feeding Souls YouTube channel.

Can you guess what it is? If not, head on to PaperCity Recipes to find out:


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