Asian Mint Is an American Express 2018 Card Member Favorite

Asian Mint Is an American Express 2018 Card Member Favorite

Hey, Mint Fanatics! We’re so happy to announce that American Express has named Asian Mint a 2018 Card Member Favorite. This means Asian Mint joins a select group of businesses across the US that American Express card members like and trust enough to avail their services frequently using their AmEx cards.

Thank you so much, American Express, for this honor. And a bigger thank you to all you Mint Fanatics who have used your AmEx cards when dining at Asian Mint. This honor would not have been possible without you.

What does it mean to become an American Express Card Member Favorite?

Why does being named a Card Member Favorite matter? The Card Member Favorite or #MemberFave is one of the programs American Express runs to support small businesses all over the country. American Express gives these businesses a boost by providing them special marketing materials that they can use to promote themselves physically and online. Their listing on the American Express online business directory also gets a unique badge to make them stand out over the rest. These businesses also become part of American Express’s featured listings.

For a business to be named a Card Member Favorite, it must be a place where American Express card members use their AmEx cards frequently. For American Express, such businesses must offer excellent goods or services to be frequently patronized by its members. Every year, the company makes a tally of these places where members swiped their AmEx cards. The establishments that top the list are considered the best and become the year’s Card Member Favorites.

A big thank you for using American Express at Asian Mint

As we’ve said earlier, Asian Mint becoming a 2018 Card Member Favorite won’t be possible without you Mint Fanatics, whether you have an AmEx card or not. We won’t be anyone’s favorites without your patronage. You’re truly the force that keeps Asian Mint going.

The year 2018 has been one fantastic journey, and it has been very good to us. Asian Mint got a Diner’s Choice Award from Open Table, as well as a nomination in D Magazine’s 2018 Best of Big D Readers’ Choice Poll. To top it all, we’ve got EnjoyMint opening soon. And to think it’s only June yet! We still have a few more months to go before 2018 ends.

It’s truly been awesome. And we’re so happy, honored, and grateful that you’re all here with us for the ride. May we keep riding together and enjoying a lot more fabulous Asian-fusion, New Bangkok-style Thai food for years and years to come.


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