Satisfy Your Thai Food Cravings with Asian Mint’s ChefMint Meal Kits

Satisfy Your Thai Food Cravings with Asian Mint’s ChefMint Meal Kits

With the threat of Covid-19 looming over us, it only makes sense for us to observe social distancing and stay at home. Staying at home keeps us from catching this disease, as well as stops the spread of the coronavirus that causes it.

But what if you want a change from your usual home-cooked meal and you’re craving your restaurant favorites? If that restaurant favorite you happen to be craving is from Asian Mint, we’ve got you covered. Chef Nikky Phinyawatana recently launched her ChefMint meal kits. With these meal kits, you can enjoy Asian Mint’s most popular treats even while you’re quarantined at home.

Our big, big thanks to CraveDFW, Dallas Voice, PaperCity, and PeopleNewspapers for spreading the word about Chef Nikky’s brand-new project.

ChefMint meal kits bring your Asian Mint favorites to your home

So, what exactly are Asian Mint’s ChefMint meal kits? These are basically food packages containing all you need to cook your Asian Mint favorites at home. Each meal kit has pre-measured fresh ingredients, including proteins and sauces, as well as a recipe card that you can easily follow. With one meal kit, you can prepare dinner for four or two meals for two people.

For its inaugural kit, Asian Mint is offering pad Thai, tom yum, and veggie dumplings. The pad Thai comes with chicken, shrimp, tofu, and Asian Mint’s signature sauce. The tom yum soup, on the other hand, has a serving of rice—you can choose between brown or white jasmine. As always, we respect your food preferences so we’ve set up the order form so you can tell us whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, on a gluten-free diet, or have any food-related allergies. You can order this kit for delivery, or you can pick it up at your nearest Asian Mint location.

If you’re self-isolating outside the Dallas area right now, don’t worry—you can still have your ChefMint meal kit shipped to your home. However, for this option, we’ll only send a recipe card, pad Thai sauce, pad Thai noodles, tom yum soup paste, crushed peanuts, and jasmine rice. But we’ll also include a grocery list of all the fresh ingredients you need to prep pad Thai and tom yum soup at home. You can order this version of our ChefMint meal kit anywhere within the continental states.

That’s not all, though. We also deliver wine, cocktails, Thai tea, and Asian Mint’s signature desserts within the Dallas area. And if you’re craving for spice, we’ve got Drama Queen chili in jars and packets, as well as Asian Mint’s bottled sauces available.

A portion of the proceeds from this project will go to a non-profit organization that supports the restaurant industry’s workforce. You can order your ChefMint meal kits here.

You can still order your Asian Mint favorites for curbside pickups

But what if you’re craving for other items on the Asian Mint menu? If you’re in the Dallas area, you’re in luck—all Asian Mint locations are still open for curbside pickups. Just place your order with us online, along with a few details that will help us identify you, and we’ll let you know when your food is ready for pickup.

Here’s where you can place your orders online:

Stay safe, Mint Fanatics!

To stay safe and prevent the coronavirus from spreading further, we encourage y’all to stay at home as much as possible. Wash your hands often and keep your surfaces clean. And if you do have to go out, please observe social distancing and wear a face mask if you can.

Let’s all stay safe and healthy, Mint Fanatics! See you soon!


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