Asian Mint Is Dallas’ Favorite Gluten-Free Restaurant

Asian Mint Is Dallas’ Favorite Gluten-Free Restaurant

Dallas Favorite Gluten Free Restaurants

We made it onto another awesome Food Blog List–Dallas Favorite Gluten Free Restaurants! The Dallas Gluten Free food blog is pretty cool because it was started by a mother and daughter duo.

You may know that Asian Mint is also a family owned business so we love to read about other families working together to make their dreams come true and helping others do the same time. Asian Mint is proud to offer Gluten Free menu items.

We realize that everyone has different diet restrictions, and we want our restaurant to accommodate your allergies, diets, and food sensitivities. Everyone can find something yummy at Asian Mint.

Thank you for adding us to your list!

Gluten Free Dallas

The Dallas Gluten Free food blog was started by a mother-daughter team that now lives the gluten-free lifestyle in Dallas, TX.

In 2011, Kari (the daughter) was hospitalized for migraines and other unknown health concerns. After many tests, it was confirmed that Kari had a severe gluten sensitivity. After her diagnosis, her mother Cheryl decided to help make her daughters diet and lifestyle transition easier.

Cheryl also suffered from IBS, which is a disease that can be extremely affected by diet. Their health issues motivated these two to take control of their well-being. They made it their mission to find/make the best gluten-free recipes. They wanted to transform all their childhood favorites and find restaurants that they could still go out to eat at. They were successful!

They altered their lifestyle and changed their health for the better. Kari has not been back to hospital once since going gluten-free and Cheryl’s IBS has had a dramatic decrease in symptoms.

They once interpreted gluten- free as a restrictive diet. Now, they have made the best of their situation and it has changed their lives for the better.

They decided they wanted to share all their findings with anyone dealing with similar health issues, which is why they decided to take their gluten-free lifestyle online and make their information more accessible. Their goal is to help others realize they can still enjoy good food and a good time without worry about diet restrictions and compromising health.

We say, send everyone on over to Asian Mint- we offer both a unique friendly atmosphere and serve GF food. Thank you for choosing Asian Mint as a restaurant that is delicious and accommodating.

Gluten Free – Lunch,Dinner, and Dessert Items

We proudly offer gluten free options and gluten free versions of most of our menu items. We are very aware of gluten sensitivity and offer over 30 gluten-free dishes.

All of our menu items are clearly marked so you never have to guess about what is appropriate for your diet however, if you have any questions, our Mint staff will be happy to help you.  

Most Popular Gluten Free Dishes

If you are curious about what you might want to order here are some of our most popular GF dishes:

We serve 4 different kinds of curry, all gluten-free. We have Red, Yellow, Green and Massaman Curry. If you like spicy we recommend trying our Red or Green curry. If you prefer a more mild taste we suggest either the Yellow or the Massaman Curry.

We also make four different fried rice variations- these flavors include our House Fried Rice, Pineapple Cashew Fried Rice, Crab Fried Rice and Yellow Fried Rice.

We also offer two kinds of GF soups and four gluten free salads. Don’t worry, most of our Pad Thai is GF too.

There are really so many options for our gluten sensitive friends. We even offer dessert options- help yourself to our Jasmine Crèam Brûlée, our Flourless Cake or the Thai Coconut Custard.

Don’t worry if you can’t choose just one, most people don’t.  Keep in mind, we can alter most dishes to be Gluten Free so please always let your server know about any dietary restrictions. See you soon!

Check out our menus for each location:



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