Asian Mint Dallas Forth Worth Opening Lands on Dallas Observer

Asian Mint Dallas Forth Worth Opening Lands on Dallas Observer

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks following Asian Mint’s opening at Lovers Lane in Inwood Village, but wow, it was all worth it. It was fun to see old friends who used to visit our Forest Lane and Oak Lawn locations come and check out the new place. It’s an awesome feeling watching new and not-so-new but definitely welcome faces settle in and enjoy our Pad Thai and other Asian fusion favorites on our menu.

Another reason to celebrate – our opening landed a mention on Dallas Observer’s roundup of big dining news. Thank you so much, Dallas Observer, for covering our opening.

Dallas Observer

If you’re a Dallas local, then you’d know about Dallas Observer. Dallas Observer is one of the city’s edgiest publications. Their website pulls in more than a million active visitors monthly, and they sell 42,000 print copies like hotcakes every Thursday. They don’t just churn out the news. More than that, they deliver no-nonsense investigative stories covering Dallas’ government, politics and business. They also produce on-point coverage of the local arts and sports scene. Their food and drinks page gives readers a taste of the hottest news on the dining scene in Dallas.

Dallas Observer doesn’t just report the news. It makes the news too. It’s launched some fantastic live events, including the hit St. Patrick’s Day Concert. The Dallas Observer Brewfest attracted massive crowds to sample local food and live music go to with 400 beer brands from all over the world.

It’s no wonder that Dallas Observer has amassed a collection of awards since its establishment in 1980. Among the awards gracing its shelves are top prizes on investigative and environmental reporting in the 2015 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Awards. It’s also earned accolades from the Livingston Awards for Young Journalists and the James Beard Foundation Awards.

In addition, the landmark Texas Supreme Court case involving their controversial parodies are part of the reason why humor and political satire are now considered protected speech in Texas.

Again, thank you, Dallas Observer, for including a report on our Inwood Village opening on your food and drinks page. We’re so honored by your notice.

Asian Mint Dallas Fort Worth

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we’ve come to see Inwood Village as home. We’re grateful for the warm welcome we received from the community, especially from old friends who live in the area. We certainly hope that, as we build relationships and give back the love thrown our way, Asian Mint becomes a fixture in the DFW landscape in the years to come.

If you’re in the area and you’re up for a bite, come visit us and say hello. Have a taste of the fresh and sensual new Bangkok fusion dishes we’ve become known for. We can’t wait to be friends with you. See you soon!


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