Asian Mint in the News: Drinks Delivery during Covid-19

Asian Mint in the News: Drinks Delivery during Covid-19

Socializing over drinks is among the things we enjoy that the Covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to. It was a definite blow to all bars, not to mention restaurants like Asian Mint serving happy hour. Thankfully, the Texas state government eventually allowed these establishments to do drinks delivery—but with certain restrictions.

Among these restrictions is that alcoholic beverages must accompany food orders. Another is that the alcohol must be in their original, still-sealed package. Thus, even though bars and restaurants can deliver mixed drinks, selling pre-made cocktails is prohibited.

Asian Mint followed the rules and made beer, wine, and sake available by the bottle on our online store. But we also sold our signature drinks as kits that you Mint Fanatics can mix yourself at home.

Dallas stories on drinks delivery

The topic of drinks delivery was hot on the media for a while, and Asian Mint landed in a few news stories:

This Dallas Eater article talked a bit about the state’s restrictions on selling alcohol and listed Dallas restaurants doing drinks delivery. The list includes Asian Mint.

This Thrillist article reported on how the pandemic has brought on new challenges and stresses on bar and restaurant owners regarding alcohol sales. According to the article, alcohol sales are at 20% to 25% of normal sales levels, and bar and restaurant owners struggle to get by. The story also described the confusion that the state’s restrictions created regarding mixed drinks. As mentioned, mixed drinks can be sold if they’re in their original package and not pre-made. Chef Nikky described the Asian Mint mai tai drink kit in the article. The mai tai kit is one of the three cocktail kits available in the online store.

This Dallas Morning News also focused on the challenges that bar and restaurant owners face because of the pandemic. The story mentioned how bars that don’t sell food with their drinks are adapting to the restrictions. The article described Asian Mint’s drink kits.

Guidelines are already up for bars and restaurants safely reopening. We all hope that things do change for the better soon. In the meantime, Asian Mint remains available only for curbside pickups and deliveries.

Stay safe, and see you soon!


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