Asian Mint in the News: Thanksgiving Memories and Escape to Thailand

Asian Mint in the News: Thanksgiving Memories and Escape to Thailand

Hey, Mint Fanatics! How’s your holiday prep coming along? If it’s been busy and crazy like ours, we invite you to relax, take a break, and check out the latest Asian Mint in the news roundup.

Chef Nikky shares her Thanksgiving memories with Dallas Observer

We all have our favorite memories of Thanksgiving. In this Dallas Observer article, writer Lauren Drewes Daniels collected from prominent Dallasites their most cherished Thanksgiving memories, not to mention their most beloved dishes for this holiday. The Dallasites interviewed for this piece included Chef Nikky, and there she shared a story involving the rap song “Black Beatles” and pecan pie.

Thank you, Lauren and Dallas Observer, for featuring Chef Nikky’s story in your piece.

Escape to Thailand featured on CraveDFW and Katy Trail Weekly

In case you’ve missed it (though we’re sure you haven’t), Chef Nikky has been hosting her Escape to Thailand series of virtual cooking experiences for the past few months. In this series, she gives her audience a taste of Thai culture, colored with her personal stories of growing up in Bangkok. Additionally, she demonstrates how to cook her favorite Thai recipes.

For the latest Escape to Thailand event on December 16, Chef Nikky described how holidays are like in Bangkok. She also cooked yummy, soul-feeding, cold-weather treats like tom yum/tom kha soup and pad Thai. Her special guest for this event, Priya Patel of The Intention Table, shared insights on mindful eating for the holidays.

Steven Doyle of CraveDFW did a piece on this event, while David Mullen of Katy Trail Weekly mentioned it in this article. Thank you so much, CraveDFW and Katy Trail Weekly for this bit of Asian Mint in the news.

That’s all for now, Mint Fanatics. Stay tuned for the next Asian Mint in the news blog post.

Stay safe, y’all, and see you soon!


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