Asian Mint Opening In Dallas Forth Worth is Celebrated by The Flash List

Asian Mint Opening In Dallas Forth Worth is Celebrated by The Flash List

Yes we are celebrating! We are now counting down the days until we open Asian Mint restaurant location # 3. It’s been a dream, and now it’s starting to feel real. We can’t wait for the delicious scent of our Pad Thai to take over our new kitchen. The Dallas Flash List has featured our opening and it looks like our new community is just as ready for our food as we are eager to get serving everyone! Thank you for welcoming us into this beautiful location in Dallas Fort Worth. Our Inwood Village restaurant location has been completely remodeled and will seat up to 70 people. It’s been a long journey over the past 12 years when we opened our first location in 2004 but we are happy to be in Fort Worth Dallas now. Thank you for all your support.

The Flash List

Asian Mint would like to introduce you to The Flash List, if you haven’t used their entertainment guide they offer a lot of detailed information about our city. The ‘Flash List’ started on a USB flash drive as a local bucket list of ideas. Today, they are worldwide. You can travel pretty much anywhere and still have quality information at your finger-tips. The Flash List is now one of the most wide-spread entertainment guides. It ranks in the top 1 out of 10 of 1% of websites in the entire world! Asian Mint is proud to be featured on this website, reviewed by the best and amongst the best. There are so many entertainment guides out there. You may be wondering how these guys compare to all the other ones. In general, The Flash List features quality events and activities ranging from circus, symphony to food and deliver detailed information about interesting and unique events, venues, and activities. They design their website for couples and individuals looking to creatively maximize time, effort, and money on ‘going out.’ While there is an over-abundance of entertainment information out there, The Flash List carefully selects each listing with an adult audience in mind.

The biggest difference is how The Flash List gathers their information. They take things a step further than just your basic review. While many entertainment critics go unannounced into new locations and write reviews based on their own beliefs and biases, The Flash List critics speak directly with venue promoters, event hosts, restaurant personnel, and shop managers. This way, they’re often given behind the scenes information, insider information which they can share with their audience. Now you no longer have to let the unknown control you: they will give you answers to questions like appropriate attire, tipping, and parking. They also understand that people are often reserved about going to new places and trying new things. The Flash List is a great resource if you find unfamiliar activities overwhelming. Their entertainment guide helps reduce anxiety and uncertainty so that people can relax and have fun.  They don’t just give venue reviews but they want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy themselves. That’s what we are all about at Asian Mint too! Enjoy life! Enjoy Great Asian Food!

If this sounds like a service that can help your entertainment needs, The Flash List newsletter will you give you all their most current updates. It’s great for local information and if you’re traveling.

Asian Mint in Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth! Inwood Village! The countdown has begun! We are excited to meet you and feed more souls. If you have never dined with us before be sure to check our menu: our Inwood Village location is already up on our website. We offer a new Bangkok-style Asian Fusion Menu. We serve brunch, lunch, happy hour and dinner. We also offer gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dishes. As we get closer to opening our doors be sure to check back for all the real time updates. You can follow us on our Asian Mint Instagram page for official updates we also have a Mint Fanatic loyalty program that can earn you free food.

Can’t wait to see you!



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