Asian Mint Among 10 Women-Owned North Texas Businesses Receiving Relief Funding from Texas Restaurant Association

Asian Mint Among 10 Women-Owned North Texas Businesses Receiving Relief Funding from Texas Restaurant Association

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the restaurant industry, not just in Texas but throughout the world. We at Asian Mint saw many colleagues adapt their business strategies, just like we have, to survive the crisis. Others weren’t so lucky, however. They had to close shop because they couldn’t afford to keep their business running amid the circumstances.

To address this situation, the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) established the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund. Through the Fund, and with the help of the Texas Conference for Women, TRA recently donated $177,500 worth of relief funds to 71 women-owned restaurants in Texas. Of those 71, ten are from North Texas. And of those ten, only one is from Dallas—none other than Asian Mint.

Women bear the brunt of COVID-19 economic loss

According to an NPR report, women bear the brunt of the economic losses that COVID-19 brought about. Women make up 55% of the workforce that the coronavirus pandemic rendered unemployed. That’s because the crisis hit the hardest the industries that have high female employment. These industries include the hotel and restaurant sectors.

In a statement published on the Texas Restaurant Association website, TX Conference Board President Carla Piñeyro Sublett said that “women business owners are facing unprecedented challenges.” Additionally, the organization “wanted to give back and show the power that comes from women helping women.”

Each of the 71 recipients of the Texas Restaurant Relief Fund received $2,500. The funding is meant to help pay employee salaries and offset other operating costs. Restaurateurs were required to send applications for the funding.

A big thank-you to the Texas Restaurant Association and Texas Conference for Women

We are truly honored and grateful to TRA and TX Conference for including Asian Mint among the recipients of the TX Restaurant Relief Fund. The funding we received shall go a long way towards supporting our staff and feeding souls in our community.

The coronavirus crisis is truly a challenge to overcome. We are thankful that, despite the circumstances, we kept Asian Mint open even in a limited capacity. Our dining rooms may be closed, but we still strived to serve our community through deliveries and curbside pickups, as well as through our ChefMint kits. We are delighted that we kept all our staff, and we bow our heads to our Mint Fanatics for their continuous support throughout these months.

Things are starting to look up, though. We finally opened our dining room at Asian Mint Inwood Village. And we look forward to the day that we can welcome all y’all to all four Asian Mint locations.

Again, thank you to TRA and TX Conference for Women. And big, big thank you to our Mint Fanatics for being there.

Stay safe, and see you soon!


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