Asian Mint Says Hello to Inwood Village!

Asian Mint Says Hello to Inwood Village!

Good news travels fast! If you still didn’t know, we’re opening a third location in Inwood Village. We refer to this opening as part of our Expansion of Love. This location gives us a chance to smile at more people and fill more bellies with delicious Asian food.

We’d like to take this time to say hello to everyone who’s thinking about joining Asian Mint at Inwood Village for a meal when we open this fall.

If you’re local to Dallas maybe you’ve already been to one of our other locations, and we’d like to let you know that our third location will potentially be our most beautiful location as it has been a complete remodel. We’ll offer all your favorite menu items in our chic atmosphere.

If you’ve never dined with us before, we hope this new location will be convenient for you and that you’ll give us the chance to satisfy your Asian food cravings. Even though our doors aren’t open yet, it’s already starting to feel like we belong in our new building.

We really appreciate all the help spreading the word about this. Most recently we were featured in the dining category of the Advocate Magazine.

Advocate Magazine

Thank you again to the Advocate magazine for featuring our opening. Advocate magazine is one of Dallas’ best sources of local restaurants and neighborhood events. They specialize in advocating for quality businesses. If you’re new to this neighborhood we suggest you visit them online for further local recommendations. This magazine covers all your neighborhood news topics such as dining, events, classifieds, and schools. They’re probably most known for their newsletter and their digital magazine. Here is the Advocate Magazine August issue. They have over 33,000 subscribers. If you want the most updated information sent directly to your mailbox, you can sign up on any page from their website.  

Asian Mint in Inwood Village

Advocate magazine did a wonderful job of explaining how Asian Mint does business and what we hope to contribute to our new community. We keep our values first, focus on great food and building true relationships with our customers. Ultimately, we knew we would expand and it was just a matter of when. It was more important for us to wait for the right location with the right help. We would say it was worth the wait.

Inwood Village is the perfect match for us. Not only are we located on Lovers Lane but, we can’t wait to be in a shopping mall surrounded by boutiques and the Landmark movie theater in Inwood Village. Even our greater surrounding community has so many fun activities. The Discover Dallas Tours is .6 miles away from Inwood Village. We hope we see a lot of college students coming in to dine with us, as Southern Methodist University is only a couple miles away. So enticing are the Escape Rooms of Dallas which are about 4 miles away.

Asian Mint owner, Nikky Phinyawatana says it best, “We have a lot of customers from this neighborhood who come into the Oak Lawn location and say they’d come in more often if we were closer.”  We really want to be more accessible to our customers that live closer to Inwood Village. Nikky also says, “If we’re not having fun, we’re not doing it. I love my staff so much, and want to give them the experience of opening a new restaurant. My restaurants are a medium for people to grow.” This location will bring more opportunities for Asian Mint staff.

We can’t wait to become part of and serve our new neighborhood. We want to welcome all our new customers and are looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces. Keep checking back for updates!


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