Asian Mint to Join the Shift to Reusable Straws to Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Asian Mint to Join the Shift to Reusable Straws to Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Plastic straws – they’re convenient, they’re useful, and sometimes they’re cute to look at. But no matter how pretty or handy they are, they just have to go. They’re a danger to the environment.

There’s an on-going movement among restaurants and bars in Dallas to ditch the use of plastic straws. And Asian Mint is heeding the call: We’ll soon stop using single-use plastic straws ourselves in our attempt to reduce our plastic waste responsibly.

Plastic waste overload harms our planet

Why is Asian Mint joining other Dallas bars and restaurants in banning plastic straws from its premises? There is only one single yet all-important reason why we’re doing this. And it’s simply this: Plastic straws and other plastic waste are harmful to our planet.

Plastic waste fills up our oceans and injure or even kill our sea life, upon which we landlubbers all depend. Plastic straws are made up of components like polystyrene and polypropylene, which can take up at least 200 years to break down. And when they eventually break down, they release toxins into the environment.

Can’t we recycle plastic straws? Some can be recycled, but most are too light to get through mechanical sorters at recycling plants. So, most of them pile up at landfills and, eventually, in our oceans. The US alone throwsaway an estimated 500 million straws daily.

As convenient as plastic straws are in sipping our cold drinks and cocktails, it’s a sobering thought that these little, seemingly innocuous straws can actually contribute to the death of our planet. So, Asian Mint is letting go of plastic straws.

We all need to do our part to reduce our plastic waste

Dallas’ bars and restaurants are not alone in their move to stop using plastic straws. It’s a trend that’s been happening all over the world. According to the National Geographic, businesses in the hospitality industry, such as hotels, resorts, airlines, and cruise companies have begun to reduce, if not eliminating completely, their use of plastic straws. McDonald’s recently grabbed headlines by announcing that their stores in the UK and Ireland will no longer offer plastic straws as well.

Banning plastic straws from our premises isn’t just a fad Asian Mint is trying to ride on to be seen as trendy. Our motive is far from that. We truly want to do our part in reducing the plastic garbage that’s littering our planet, and we feel that the one true way we can do that is by being responsible with how we create and dispose of the waste from our restaurants.

This doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye to straws altogether. We do understand that we have Mint Fanatics who need to use straws to enjoy their drinks. If you really prefer to sip your drinks using straws, we shall be providing more sustainable and environment-friendly alternatives to plastic straws – such as bamboo, glass, or even metal straws. Please stay tuned on how we’re going to address this matter.

We also encourage you to do your part too. Please say no to single-use plastic straws. They endanger the very planet we live in, and this planet is all we’ve got. Let’s all say no to single-use plastic straws.


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