Asian Mint is in the Top 16 Essential Restaurants for Vegetarians & Vegans in Dallas

Asian Mint is in the Top 16 Essential Restaurants for Vegetarians & Vegans in Dallas

Calling all Vegetarians and Vegans (and anyone curious about Vegetarian food options) in Dallas! Asian Mint is named one of the Top 16 Essential Restaurants for Vegetarians and Vegans by the Dallas Eater. Thank you, Dallas Eater! This website has excellent information and features. It’s also important to know that they have a great code of ethics. Every business you trust should have practices that ensure they do honest business: it’s such an honor to be featured on Eater because we know that this is an unbiased critic writing about our food. Asian Mint didn’t offer free dishes or meals to Eater representatives in exchange for a spot on any of their lists. Eater strives to create information that is helpful, informative, and fun. Their community guidelines include creating engaging conversation, respecting moderators and other members. They care about building an informative and safe online community. There are even moderators that remove anyone that contributes in a negative way. This includes spam, illegal activities, any form of discrimination, trolling, and complaints about coverage. The main goal is to keep the conversations friendly, engaging, and productive. Thank you for all the love Dallas Eater, we love you too!

Dallas Eater only suggests the best that Dallas has to offer. This isn’t the first time we have made one of their amazing food lists. We have been featured on their ‘Best Thai Restaurants List’. They placed us at # 1. We also made it onto their ‘Top Gluten Free Restaurants in Dallas’ list. Most recently, we are excited about being on their ‘Top 16 Essential Restaurants for Vegetarians’. We love that they’ve ranked us in so many different lists. Our food appeals to so many different people. Right now, the vegetarian list is one of our favorites. We would like to say thank you and share a bit more. We understand that finding meat-free options may be difficult amongst all the BBQ and chili in Texas. If you want all the veggies and no meat, Asian Mint has your back (or should we say your belly?). Now you have a great resource for discovering vegetarian friendly restaurants.

Popular Vegetarian Meals at Asian Mint

We want you to know Asian Mint is always happy to accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences. Almost any item on our menu can be altered to fit your needs, all you have to do is ask your server. If you are curious or already love vegetarian options here are some of our most popular dishes:

Try an order of our Fresh Summer Rolls. These rolls are made with vermicelli rice noodles, hand shredded green leaf lettuce, sliced carrots and mint. This also comes with our house-made dipping peanut sauce. Our Steamed or Crispy Vegetable Dumplings are also a favorite appetizer amongst veggie connoisseurs. These are made with Asian vegetables and served with a tangy soy sauce. Additionally, any curry can be made to be vegetarian friendly. The base of curry is made with coconut milk and we can add tofu instead of meat. We offer red, yellow, and green curry. Each curry offers its own unique flavor and spice.

If you are looking for strictly vegan options; many of our noodle dishes can be made without eggs. Try the sweet and tangy flavor of our Vegan Pad Thai. This is a delicious rice noodle dish served with vegetables and coated with a tamarind sauce. Our Pad Thai is one of our most popular menu items. If you are curious about the details of this dish, our Pad Thai is so special it has its very own article on our blog. If you prefer rice to noodles, any of our fried rice dishes can be made without eggs and no meat. Just ask your server; our chefs are trained to alter any meal to your liking. You can choose from many options on our full menu. Looking for something drink? Most hot drinks that require cow’s milk, can also be made with a milk substitute. We are happy to make any of our drinks with almond milk instead. Try our matcha green tea latte, a cappuccino or a macchiato, just let your server know your milk preference. Don’t worry, almond milk is not less creamy or foamy than its counterpart.

If you are new to the vegetarian world, come explore the options we offer. Whether it’s for your own health or the environment, we’ve got you covered! Our vegetarian and vegan dishes are just as delicious as our meals served with meat. Our omnivorous friends agree!

Thanks again to the Dallas Eater and we hope to see you soon!

Our 25th and Forest Lane location is open
MON-SAT 11-10 pm & SUN 11-9pm.

Our Oak Lawn location is open
MON-THU 11AM–3PM & 5PM–9:30PM
FRI 11AM–3PM & 5PM–10PM


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