Asian Mint Tops Foursquare List of Best Asian Restaurants

Asian Mint Tops Foursquare List of Best Asian Restaurants

We love looking at Asian Mint reviews online, not just on dedicated review and niche sites, but also on social media and mobile apps. We use these reviews to figure out how to make our guests’ dining experience as awesome as we can make it. The positive ones leave us inspired and heartened and make us feel that the work we do within and outside the kitchen makes people happy. The not-so-positive ones we take constructively as challenges to see where we could do better.

So, we’re definitely over the moon when we learned that Asian Mint at Oak Lawn topped Foursquare’s list of the best Asian restaurants in Dallas. It shows us that we’re headed in the right direction and making an impact. Thank you for the love.

Foursquare: an app for discovering stuff in your area

Though not all of us actively use Foursquare, many of us are at least familiar with this mobile app. Foursquare started out in 2009 as an app you can use to show where you’ve been and leave tips about the places you’ve been to. You can also use Foursquare to search for places to eat, drink, hang out, buy goods, or get services you need within your locale. In other words, Foursquare is an app for discovering stuff within your area.

Recently, Foursquare stopped being a social media platform for location sharing and put more focus on being a localized search app. You can still leave tips and reviews on places where you’ve been to, which can help other users make intelligent decisions on where to go for whatever it is they need. It could be a restaurant recommendation or where you can get great vintage fashion items.

What we love most about Foursquare is that its tips and reviews are generated by users. Thus, you can trust and learn from the recommendations you find there. Thanks again, Foursquare and Foursquare users, for the Asian Mint love.

“Jesus lives in the spice.”

One of the user comments we read on Foursquare about the Asian Mint Oak Lawn location is “Jesus lives in the spice.” We don’t know exactly what the user meant, but it did sound cheeky and funny. Many people have this notion that all Thai food is spicy. If you haven’t tried Thai food yet, come visit us and we’ll show you that spice is just one aspect of Thai cuisine. We serve New Bangkok-style Thai food with an Asian fusion twist, so if you can’t handle spicy food, you have plenty of other options to try out. But what is life without a little spice, hm?

About the comment on the parking situation at Oak Lawn, yeah, we do agree that parking there during lunchtime and other busy hours can get really interesting. But we’re aware of it and we’re trying our best to do something about it.

Again, thank you so much for the love and we hope to see more of you at Asian Mint Oak Lawn and in our other locations as well!



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