Asian Mint Wins City Beat News’ 2017 Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service

Asian Mint Wins City Beat News’ 2017 Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service

At Asian Mint, we can honestly say that in everything we do, our purpose is to please everyone who passes through our doors. We want each and every guest who visits any of our locations to enjoy a great meal in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. While we do understand that we can’t please everybody, we go out of our way to try.

So, we’re really grateful whenever someone recognizes our efforts to maintain the standard of excellence we have set for ourselves. Right now, we’re sending a big thank you to City Beat News for giving us their Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Service for 2017. We are truly honored to receive this award.

City Beat News Delivers Unbiased, Research-Based, Third-Party Ratings

What makes the Spectrum Award so special? There are many reasons why, but the most important one is the Spectrum Award is not the result of a simple ratings game. The City Beat News team carefully researches and evaluates its potential awardees using a method that eliminates possible bias from the process.

Just like how we strive to create the best dining experience we can for our customers, City Beat News tries to deliver comprehensive, research-based ratings. Thus, the playing field is leveled for all the businesses considered for the awards. It can’t be skewed by user ratings, whether they’re positive or negative. Companies also can’t pay to get a better rating. In other words, the Spectrum Award is an award you can truly feel that you have earned.

Thank you so much, City Beat News, for the Spectrum Award. We’re so honored to receive it, and it’s added fuel to our drive to do better for our customers.

Asian Mint Strives to Deliver the Best Customer Experience Possible

As mentioned earlier, we do make it our purpose to deliver the best service we can give our customers. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcome the very instant they step in. We want them to feel as relaxed in our locations as they’d be in their own home. We’d certainly want them to look upon us as their friends, people they can rely on for great service all the time.

Most of all, we want our customers to enjoy our food. We make sure the dishes we serve are cooked with farm-fresh ingredients and in ways that bring out their natural, delicious flavors. If the customer is an Asian food enthusiast, we want them to discover something new with our New Bangkok-style cuisine with an Asian fusion twist. If the customer has limited experience with Asian food, we want them to marvel at the food’s wonderful yet flavorful simplicity. Most of all, we want them to come back desiring more of the dining experience we’ve given them.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to see for yourself the kind of dining experience we deliver. If you’re an old friend, we look forward to serving you your favorites again. See you soon!


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