Asian Mint Wins Texas Restaurant Neighbor Award

Asian Mint Wins Texas Restaurant Neighbor Award

We’re extremely pleased and honored to announce that Asian Mint is recently named one of the winners of the Texas Restaurant Neighbor Award for 2018. This award is given by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) through the Texas Restaurant Association (TRA) every year to restaurants that go all out in serving their communities and inspiring their peers to become involved in their local communities as well.

With this award, Asian Mint joins an elite group of restaurants that, according to TRA, “embodies the true spirit of these awards, encompassing generosity, community, and philanthropy in their day-to-day operations.” This group includes 2017 winners The Backyard Grill, Blue Baker, Café Momentum, San Angelo Restaurant Association, and Whataburger.

Additionally, winning the Texas Restaurant Neighbor Award gives Asian Mint a shot at becoming one of the three winners of the national Restaurant Neighbor Award. The winners of this award will fly up to Washington, D.C. this April 2018 to be lauded at a gala dinner. The national award also includes a $10,000 contribution to the winner’s favorite charity or the community project they support.

What is the Restaurant Neighbor Award?

As mentioned, the Restaurant Neighbor Award is an honor given to restaurants deeply involved in community service and inspire other restaurateurs to do the same. NRAEF created this award in partnership with American Express 18 years ago.

Winners of the state award are selected by their respective State Restaurant Associations like TRA and forwarded for the NRAEF’s consideration. A panel of judges composed by representatives from the restaurant industry, the non-profit community, and the media pick three winners. One of the winners will be a small business, the second a mid-size enterprise, and the third a large business or national chain.

The NRAEF is the charitable arm of the National Restaurant Association, whose aim is to support the growth of the US restaurant industry through education. Its flagship program is ProStart, where NRAEF partners with high schools nationwide to provide a culinary and restaurant management curriculum. This curriculum is designed to give high school students the knowledge they need to enter the restaurant business in the future. Through the TRA, the ProStart program reaches 240 high schools and more than 20,000 students in Texas.

Award affirms Asian Mint’s commitment to community

As we’ve mentioned repeatedly in this blog, Asian Mint is all about giving back to the community. We are committed to proving that a restaurant business can be successful and charitable at the same time. Part of our annual income goes to the numerous schools and charities we support, and we don’t take a tax write-off for our donations. We also try to participate as much as we can in the activities and endeavors of the communities we are proud to be a part of.

We take this opportunity to thank the Mint Fanatics and the friends that have supported Asian Mint throughout the years. Without you behind us, this award won’t be possible.




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