Chef Nikky Phinyawatana Named to TRAEF President’s Circle

Chef Nikky Phinyawatana Named to TRAEF President’s Circle

We are pleased to announce that our very own Chef Nikky Phinyawatana has been named as one of the current members of the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF)’s President’s Circle. The TRAEF President’s Circle recognizes those who have heavily invested in the workforce development programs of the Foundation.

Thank you so much for the recognition, TRAEF. We truly appreciate it, and we’re eager to do more to help with the Foundation’s efforts to improve the state of the restaurant industry in Texas.

What is the TRAEF President’s Circle?

So, what is the TRAEF President’s Circle and why does it matter? As mentioned earlier, the President’s Circle recognizes the people and organizations that have given heavily to TRAEF to support the Foundation’s educational programs. These people and organizations are, in fact, considered to be the Foundation’s biggest donors.

The funds that TRAEF collects primarily go to programs and resources that help both budding and experienced restaurateurs hone their craft, as well as improve and protect their businesses. These funds also train new generations of restaurateurs through Texas ProStart, a TRAEF initiative in which the Foundation runs culinary and restaurant management courses in various high schools in Texas. Texas ProStart reaches around 25,000 students in more than 250 high schools all over the state.

Aside from Chef Nikky, other members of the TRAEF President’s Circle are: Auto Chlor, Carmelo Mauro, ECOLAB, Jessica Delgado, Chef Charles Duit, David Cea, Greater Austin Restaurant Association, Greater Dallas Restaurant Association, In Memory of G. Jim Hasslocher, Jimmy Hasslocher, Rio Grande Valley TRA Chapter, Roger Kaplan, San Angelo TRA Chapter, and Chef Sharon Van Meter.

Developing a skilled workforce leads to more jobs in the restaurant business

As the CEO and executive chef of a growing family of restaurants, Chef Nikky strongly believes in the importance of workforce development in the Texas restaurant industry. Creating and maintaining a highly developed workforce in this industry contributes greatly to the improvement of the industry in general. This means awesome food and an enjoyable overall dining experience for everyone. It promotes our beloved State as a great place to eat, and it brings up a new generation of people who will keep it that way.

Most importantly, a highly developed workforce is highly capable of creating more jobs in the industry. More jobs mean higher sustainability for the restaurant industry, as well as a push towards improving the Texan economy. By giving to TRAEF, Chef Nikky is simply staying true to one of the pillar principles of her business, that giving back and supporting the community plays a huge role in its continuing success.



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