Dallas Culture Map Talks about Asian Mint 3rd Location

Dallas Culture Map Talks about Asian Mint 3rd Location

Elegant, stunning, and eye-catching. These are some of the words that the Dallas Culture Map used to describe the atmosphere at Asian Mint. We are grateful to see our name attached to such lovely description words. Dallas Culture Map knows our new location will offer this chic atmosphere at our Inwood Village location. Feel free to take a look at the full article titled, ‘Dallas’ Inwood Village mints an elegant new Thai restaurant lunch spot.’ We can confirm that their allegations are true: we strive to provide an atmosphere unlike any other. We create a modern, clean dining experience with cool bright colors. Our new location will follow suit.

Inwood Village has turned out to be an entire remodel. When we took over our new restaurant space we had no idea what we were in for. There were 3 different heights of flooring, unconventional add-ons, and a brick wall in the very middle of the room. We have made vast improvements. If you follow us on Instagram you can take a look at our process and our obstacles. We have documented our excavation along the way. If like what you see, give us a follow. Our name is @asianmint. This truly has been a total transformation, you may not believe your eyes. We have added a bar and a take-out section, and we’ll be able to seat 65- 70 people. We can’t wait for you to come join us in our stylish new location. All this work opening a new location is not easy and we are so thankful for the support from the Dallas Culture Map.

Dallas Culture Map

With over 54,000 likes on Facebook and over 27,000 followers on Twitter, it’s clear that Culture Map is used and liked by many. They specifically provide lifestyle resources. Lifestyle news encompasses a variety of topics related to life at home, fashion, family, real estate, and relationships as well as local happenings. In addition, they advise readers on the latest fashion trends, the best recipes, and the most effective workouts. They also offer a calendar of events and a city guide. Culture Map news offers compelling opinions and fresh perspectives from journalists who are passionate about reporting and celebrating the Dallas community. While the articles are curated by local journalists, anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit a story or an event. The result of this collaborative approach is a comprehensive jackpot of information. Most of the suggestions on the website are made from real community members.

If you ever have a free evening or want to start a new backyard project, we suggest checking out their website. If you need quick and conclusive information, they have the perfect resource to find out what is happening right now. Should we say one stop shop? This is not the first time that we have been highlighted on the Dallas Culture Map website. We also landed a spot on their top 100 restaurants in Dallas List. If you are looking for a new place to eat, this list is a great place to start. We truly want to thank Culture Map for making us feel like we are already a part of our new community.

As we continue to prepare for the opening of our third location we want you to know that you can check back to our blog anytime for our most current updates. If you do check out the Dallas Culture Map website we hope you find something fun to do or somewhere delicious to eat. Happy searching!


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