Dallas Eater: Asian Mint wins #1 Best Thai Food

Dallas Eater: Asian Mint wins #1 Best Thai Food


At Asian Mint, it is our goal to serve the best Asian food our customers have ever had. Each dish we serve is cooked with passion and joy, and being selected as #1 Best Thai Food by Dallas Eater and Amy McCarthy is a great honor and undeniable proof that our team is heading in the right direction.

We know that the Dallas food scene is filled with a wide range of amazing restaurants, especially when it comes to Thai food. Therefore, we are more than thrilled that Dallas Eater is giving us their vote of confidence; in fact, our team is beyond proud that our hard work has finally paid off.


The Dallas Eater crowned Asian Mint as the best Thai food in Dallas, but did you know that apart from Thai cooking, we also have an entire range of Asian Fusion cuisine that will make your taste buds water?

If you’ve never tried our food before, we invite you to visit us during Happy Hour, when you can have endless shots of $3 hot sake accompanied with delicious $4 Asian bites.

Take your palate for an Asian adventure with our Happy Hour specialties – the Grilled Edamame, Crispy Eggrolls and Dumplings are just a few of our unique dishes. If you like the food on our Happy Hour menu, then we know for sure that you’ll love our specially crafted full-range menu.

Not into sake? Don’t worry about it. We’ve also got some frozen drinks and our award-winning Thai Iced Tea to quench your thirst. We highly recommend that you try our artisanal cocktails for a truly distinct Asian Mint experience. Whether you decide on our Asian Mule made with lemongrass-infused vodka, or our Green Tea made with green tea-infused vodka, we know you’ll be in for a treat.


We constantly strive to set higher standards of what amazing Asian Fusion food should taste like. That’s why we spend countless hours testing our recipes before they end up on the menu, to ensure that we create exclusive dishes and give our customers the extraordinary experience that they seek and deserve.

Loyal customers at Asian Mint know that we don’t only serve your favorite Asian recipes; instead we make sure to leave our signature mark on them. In the case of our Pad Thai – a popular Thai noodle dish – we use a special house-made tamarind sauce that gives it a flavor only found at Asian Mint.

We believe that Asian Fusion food should be enjoyed through new and exciting experiences, and our aim is for dining at Asian Mint to be nothing less than exceptional.


Asian Mint’s doors are open for you to join us anytime you like. Even though many customers love having dinner with us, you can also enjoy the Asian Mint experience at mid-day with our unbeatable lunch deals, or for a weekend brunch where you can indulge in Asian dishes with a surprising twist. One of our most popular brunch options is our Bacon Pad Thai.

Of course, make sure to leave room for dessert. For beloved Western desserts fused with exotic Southeast Asian flavors, you must try Asian Mint’s signature Green Tea Ice Cream Cake and our Jasmine Crème Brulée. If you prefer something a little more classic, then you’ll absolutely love our Chocolate Flourless Cake.

The reason why our customers never get bored of eating at Asian Mint is because our menu is continuously evolving. We’re always creating new recipes, and our innovative Thai and Asian dishes make eating with us an unforgettable experience.

Whether you join us for Happy Hour, brunch or an afternoon dessert, there will always be something novel at Asian Mint.

Dine with us today: it is our biggest pleasure to have you!

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