Asian Mint in the News: Dinner Options for Thanksgiving

Asian Mint in the News: Dinner Options for Thanksgiving

As we’ve said in a previous blog post, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This holiday may look a bit different this year because of the coronavirus situation. Nonetheless, because of how important Thanksgiving is, Dallas restaurants, including Asian Mint, will celebrate it in every way possible. Asian Mint recently landed in a couple of news stories on dinner options for Thanksgiving this year.

PaperCity’s guide to Thanksgiving 2020

Luxe lifestyle magazine PaperCity reported that Dallas is getting ready for the holiday and published a guide to restaurants offering special dinner options for Thanksgiving. Asian Mint made it to the guide. The report mentioned our exclusive menu: cranberry crispy chicken, green bean chicken basil, golden squash stir fry, and Thai pumpkin custard.

Thank you, PaperCity, for including us in your guide to Thanksgiving 2020. We truly appreciate it.

Dallas Eater’s list of 16 dinner options for Thanksgiving

Community foodie guide Dallas Eater observed that Thanksgiving this year may not have that big, communal vibe that it typically has. It also recommended skipping the stress of meal preparation. Moreover, it offered suggestions for takeout and al fresco dining around the city. Asian Mint’s special Thanksgiving menu made it to the magazine’s list of suggestions.

Thank you, Dallas Eater, for putting us on your list. We are grateful for it.

Asian Mint’s dine-in and takeout options

Both articles stated that we’re making ChefMint kits of our Thanksgiving menu available. However, we’re not doing that anymore.

Instead, you can enjoy our Thanksgiving menu when you dine in at our Asian Mint locations. We suggest that you reserve your table first:

Inwood Village:

You can also get our Thanksgiving dishes by calling your nearest Asian Mint store or ordering online. We attend to curbside pickups and third-party deliveries. Order online here:

Try Asian Mint’s dinner options for Thanksgiving this year, Mint Fanatics. Stay safe, and see you soon!


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