EnjoyMint’s Upcoming Opening Makes Headlines at Dallas Eater

EnjoyMint’s Upcoming Opening Makes Headlines at Dallas Eater

Word on EnjoyMint is spreading, and it’s making us more excited than ever for its opening this coming spring. The most recent buzz on EnjoyMint as of this writing comes from none other than Dallas Eater’s Amy McCarthy. Dallas Eater reported on Asian Mint’s foray into the quick and casual restaurant format and highlighted EnjoyMint’s end-of-spring debut at Richardson.

Thank you for the coverage, Amy and Dallas Eater!

Dallas Eater: a source of unbiased news and reviews on the Dallas food scene

This isn’t the first time Dallas Eater featured Asian Mint and Chef Nikky Phinyawatana’s endeavors. In summer last year, Dallas Eater included Asian Mint in its list of essential Dallas restaurants for vegans and vegetarians. It’s always an honor to be featured in Dallas Eater, as we consider it a veritable source of unbiased news and reviews on events and developments in the Dallas food scene.

Among the things we like about Dallas Eater is its authenticity. Its reports are written by people who are actually from Dallas, so they really know what they’re talking about. The magazine also encourages its community to submit tips on exciting stuff that’s going on in Dallas that other readers may want to know about.

Plus, Dallas Eater puts a strong emphasis on community. It does this by creating conversations and inviting respectful feedback from the people most affected by its reporting. The magazine has strict guidelines when it comes to user comments and feedback. These guidelines include removing spam and hateful comments, as well as first-post bans in which new users are banned from the community if they violate the guidelines with their first post.

Again, thank you, Dallas Eater, for your report on EnjoyMint.

People with dietary restrictions are welcome at EnjoyMint

One of the points that Dallas Eater mentioned in its article is whether our customers can expect vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options at EnjoyMint. Chef Nikky is committed to bringing fresh, healthy, and innovative food to her guests’ table so the needs of guests with dietary restrictions shall definitely be considered in developing the EnjoyMint menu.

After all, the only difference between Asian Mint and EnjoyMint is that EnjoyMint has a fast, casual, and simplified format. EnjoyMint targets students and professionals on the go who are looking for quick yet healthy food options they can enjoy for lunch or dinner. This means including vegetarian and gluten-free options whenever possible.

When you order at EnjoyMint, you’ll be using an electronic kiosk to browse the menu and place your orders. Using the kiosk may limit your interaction with the restaurant’s human staff, but you’re likely to find delicious and nutritious food that will fit your dietary needs on the menu. Just like we do at Asian Mint, our EnjoyMint guests can expect us to deliver keen attention to detail when it comes to food.

EnjoyMint opens this coming spring at 300 W. Campbell Road, Ste. 140 in Richardson, Texas. Stay tuned for more details on its grand debut, and we hope to see you there when it happens.
















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