Expertise Puts Asian Mint in 2017 Best Cooking Teachers in Dallas List

Expertise Puts Asian Mint in 2017 Best Cooking Teachers in Dallas List

Sharing is a huge part of Asian Mint’s DNA. This instinct to share goes beyond our desire to serve our guests and friends great food made with fresh ingredients at our locations. It goes even further than our efforts to give back to the Dallas community, of which we are proud to be a part. We’ve written about how Asian Mint donates part of its earnings without any tax write-off every year.

More than all these, we are always happy to share with others the secret to how we do what we do. So, at least twice a year, Chef Nikky Phinyawatana holds cooking classes in Dallas. At these classes, she imparts her expertise on Asian fusion cooking and teaches participants how they can enjoy great Asian food within the comfort of their own home.

And we’re happy to report that these efforts have paid off. Expertise, a directory of top professionals in different fields, has included Asian Mint in its 2017 list of Best Cooking Teachers in Dallas.

Expertise Handpicks Top Professionals in Over 100 Business Categories

In its own words, Expertise is a website that “make[s] it easy to find the best local experts, every time.” It identifies the top service professionals in over a hundred business categories, and it covers a thousand cities in the US and elsewhere. It features only qualified professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, certified contractors, and others.

How does the Expertise team choose which service professionals are the best ones in their category? The team does this using in-depth research and comparisons using the following selection criteria: reputation, credibility, experience, engagement, and professionalism. Expertise also uses custom tools and in-house software to create its analyses. Moreover, the Expertise team conducts its own manual review of the professional being considered. Expertise doesn’t accept paid business listings in its directory. Thus, you’re assured that the entries and reviews in the directory are unbiased.

Aside from listing top local professionals in its directory, Expertise also publishes guides and resources on a wide variety of topics. These guides are city-specific and are written by expert contributors.

Thank you very much, Expertise, for including Asian Mint in your list of best cooking teachers in Dallas for 2017.

Asian Mint’s Cooking Classes Resume in 2018

We at Asian Mint make it a point to serve our guests with the best food that could come out of our kitchens. But we also believe that, if you want to, you should enjoy fabulous Asian fusion cuisine in the comfort of your own home, made straight out of your own kitchen. That’s the point of Chef Nikky Phinyawatana‘s semi-annual cooking classes.

So, if you want to find out how you can create your very own Asian fusion meals, why don’t you sign up for our next batch of cooking classes? In these classes, you will experience hands-on how to cook up healthy, delicious, Asian-inspired meals using fresh ingredients and surprisingly simple techniques. More than that, you get to add to your cooking repertoire in the company of friendly people and in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Asian Mint’s cooking classes will start again in 2018. See you in our next class!


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