Asian Mint in the News: Asian Mint Shirataki Noodles for Light Summer Eating

Asian Mint in the News: Asian Mint Shirataki Noodles for Light Summer Eating

Hey, Mint Fanatics! Our limited-edition Asian Mint shirataki noodles has landed us in the news recently. Read what our media friends have to say about our light, zero-carb, and guilt-free treat for you this summer.

Preston Hollow Advocate

Alex Gonzales of Preston Hollow Advocate wrote that maintaining portion control may be challenging to keep up during quarantine, but our Asian Mint shirataki noodles help lessen the guilt. He explained that shirataki noodles are made from konjac root fiber, as well as mentioned these noodles’ health benefits.

Thank you, Alex and Preston Hollow Advocate, for the write-up.

CultureMap Dallas

Teresa Gubbins of CultureMap Dallas gave a round-up on what’s happening in the Dallas-Fort Worth dining scene this August. She noted that while the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing many businesses in the area’s food and beverage industry to slow down or even stop operations, there are many businesses that are coming up with ways to make it work. These ways include new offerings of food and booze on the menu.

Asian Mint was among the businesses Teresa wrote about. She listed our limited-edition shirataki noodle dishes and described in a few words their health benefits.

Thank you, Teresa and CultureMap Dallas, for adding us in your round-up.

Have you tried the Asian Mint shirataki noodles yet?

So… have you had a bowl of our shirataki noodles yet? They’re perfect eating for the summer because they’re light yet filling, zero-carb and guilt-free. These noodles are made up of 97% water and 3% konjac root fiber. The carbs from konjac root fiber are non-digestible. Thus, shirataki noodles can be great for helping you lose weight, improving your gut health and digestion, and managing your blood sugar and insulin levels.

You can get your favorite pad Thai, kua kai, Asian noodle salad, pad see iew, and pad kee mow with shirataki noodles. Order yours here:


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