Nikky Phinyawatana wins Women That Soar 2017 Community Award

Nikky Phinyawatana wins Women That Soar 2017 Community Award

Special announcement!

All of us here at Asian Mint know Nikky Phinyawatana as our co-founder, co-owner, and creative head chef. She gives us the unbelievable yummy recipes that makes Asian Mint the restaurant it is today. But, there is more about Nikky that you may not know and we would like to take moment to share a little about why our love for her goes beyond food. Keep reading for a special announcement!

Since Nikky opened the first Asian Mint doors her focus has always been about community. If you follow our blog regularly, you will see that philanthropy is a true passion for Nikky. It is important to her that these ideals are also carried out in her business. Asian Mint is a part of fundraising events throughout our Dallas community all year round. Through her dedication to charity Asian Mint has been able to donate to over 100 different charities, schools, and non-profit organizations (To see a full list of donations, please visit the giving section of our website.)  Furthermore, Asian Mint does not take a tax write-off for these donations because Nikky believes that a business can be profitable and charitable at the same time. We couldn’t have this mindset or success without Nikky at the forefront making our community a better place.

2017 Community Award Winner

That is why it is no surprise and it is our honor to announce… drumroll please… that our very own Nikky Phinyawatana has been selected by Women That Soar to receive the 2017 Community Award. Congratulations Nikky! This is well deserved. Women that Soar is a media and content development company, created to empower and inspire women spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically.

Women That Soar

Founded by Gina Grant, Women that Soar allows women to share their stories of overcoming obstacles, Soaring to Success and Celebrating The Brilliance Within! Their main event, the ‘Women That Soar Awards’  highlights women that build and manage products that educate, empower, and enhance the personal, professional, and lifestyle growth of today’s woman. WTS also provide content to an online audience that allows women to connect, bond, socialize, and empower each other. They facilitate women’s events that assure attendees the opportunity to connect, promote, and become inspired to soar to success! The company believes that if women share their stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs, women can encourage one another to overcome our obstacles. The next step is establishing a new standard for uplifting and inspiring women in the 21st century media. What an amazing company to be recognized by. If you would like more information please visit the Women that Soar website.

We are so lucky to have Nikky leading our team as a role model, chef, and positive community contributor. Once again, congratulations to Nikky. If you haven’t made it out to one of our charity events, check back to our blog to see when our next event is. Help us give back to our community. As always, we thank you for being our current loyal or potential loyal Mint Fanatics because you are contributing to a philanthropic model that improves our community. See you soon!



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