Enjoy Life and Great Asian Food with Nikky’s Pad Thai

Nikky Phinyawatana

My name is Nikky Phinyawatana, and welcome to my Asian fusion kitchen. I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand and now live halfway around the world in Dallas, Texas with my family. Today, as a mom and restaurateur, I would love to show you my simple version of Pad Thai. Let’s get cooking. We start with a medium heat pan. Add our vegetable oil and our chicken. Now you can add your shrimp and your tofu. We add our egg, scramble it a little, and then our garlic. I like to add the garlic a little bit later after the proteins to prevent it from burning.

We add in our rice noodles and a little bit of water. The water will help the noodles cook down a little bit. We soak the noodles about two hours prior to putting it into our dish and you want to make sure you don’t put your Pad Thai sauce in too soon. The Pad Thai sauce has a high content of sugar which starts to coat the noodles and it prevents it from cooking all the way through. All the ingredients that we use in the Pad Thai you can find in your local supermarket. Now that you see it nice and soft you can now add your Pad Thai sauce.

My son loves this dish. I can make it regularly as a busy mom and not have to worry about making the Pad Thai sauce and then having to go to an Asian supermarket. My special tip is the Spanish paprika. The Spanish paprika gives it that smoky charred flavor that you would normally get in a nice hot wok. You want to make sure the Pad Thai sauce is fully absorbed into the noodles. Turn off the heat before you add your bean sprouts and your green onions, toss a little and we’re ready to plate it. Here’s my Pad Thai to you. Some fresh bean sprouts and cilantro, some fresh lime juice, we got some crushed peanuts.

The full recipe is on createtv.com. Click back for more episodes on how to make delicious Asian fusion dishes in your own kitchen. Until next time, enjoy life, enjoy great Asian food at one of our restaurants. Thank you.


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