Asian Mint Joins TRAEF’s Kids Fit Menu Program

Asian Mint Joins TRAEF’s Kids Fit Menu Program

The Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation (TRAEF) recently launched its Kids Fit Menu program. A joint program with the Medical City Children’s Hospital, Kids Fit Menu aims to help Texas restaurants create delicious kiddie menus that follow nutrition standards. The program also showcases ProStart, TRAEF’s signature initiative that offers culinary and restaurant management training to high school students.

Asian Mint is one of the restaurants participating in the program.

What’s the Kids Fit Menu program?

The Kids Fit Menu program is TRAEF’s and Medical City Children’s Hospital’s joint response to the growing demand for healthier kids’ meal options in Texas restaurants. The partnership will make use of TRAEF’s workforce-focused educational programs and Medical City’s expert nutritionists and community health initiatives.

The collaboration has yielded two projects so far—the Kids Fit Menu Invitational and the Kids Fit Menu Summer Mentorship.

The Invitational is a competition where teams of ProStart students partner with participating restaurants and a Medical City dietitian. Each team will create a recipe that sticks to the established nutritional guidelines and using its partner restaurant’s inventory.

The Summer Mentorship, on the other hand, is an on-the-job training opportunity for graduating ProStart seniors. These seniors will spend eight days at a participating restaurant. Their task is to come up with a dish that meets both the restaurant’s concept and the established nutrition standards. ProStart students who have joined the Invitational are automatically qualified for the mentorship.

Asian Mint welcomes TRAEF’s nutrition and education initiatives

Asian Mint is proud to join in the Kids Fit Menu program. We are committed to helping TRAEF push forward its agenda in creating a well-educated workforce for the Texas culinary industry. By creating a well-educated workforce, we get to see new leaders rise up. These leaders will secure our industry’s sustainability.

We are also committed to helping families expose their kids to healthy eating. Moreover, we want to help kids expand their palates to new flavors. We don’t have a specific kids’ menu, but we have plenty of dishes that children may find appealing. Asian Mint has already received recognition for this.

If you’re hankering for fresh and healthy Thai food that your kids will also like, come and visit us at Asian Mint.

See you soon.


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