Asian Mint Lands in TripAdvisor’s Best Thai Restaurants in Dallas List

Asian Mint Lands in TripAdvisor’s Best Thai Restaurants in Dallas List

A couple of months ago, we announced that we have been awarded the TripAdvisor 2018 Certificate of Excellence. That’s why we have that spiffy TripAdvisor badge on our homepage. And while we’re extremely thrilled with receiving the privilege of owning this badge, it seems TripAdvisor isn’t done with us yet.

That’s because we recently learned that Asian Mint bagged one of the top spots in the travel website’s list of best Thai restaurants in Dallas.

Yay, us! We are truly honored that we have a new feather to add to our cap. And, of course, thank you so much, our dear Mint Fanatics. We wouldn’t have any feather to add to our cap at all if it weren’t for you.

TripAdvisor weighs quantity, quality, and recency in their rankings algorithm

How did Asian Mint land on TripAdvisor’s list of best Thai restaurants in Dallas, anyway? Apparently, there’s more to how a business in the hospitality industry ranks on the travel website than simply the number of user reviews it gets. And it isn’t all about those reviews being positive or negative as well.

As it turns out, TripAdvisor has an algorithm that determines how high up a business is in its rankings. To rank businesses listed with them, the travel website’s algorithm takes into consideration three factors:

  • The number of reviews a business has. It’s important for a business to generate a lot of reviews so TripAdvisor users can get a balanced view of what kind of experience awaits them when they patronize a certain business.
  • The quality of the business, as indicated by the bubble rating a user gives when reviewing the said business. Businesses with higher bubble ratings tend to get ranked more highly.
  • How recent the reviews are; newer reviews have a bigger weight in the TripAdvisor algorithm because they paint a more accurate picture of the business as it is. 

According to these metrics, we can guess that Asian Mint got its TripAdvisor ranking because it had, as of this writing, 138 reviews. These reviews have given us an average bubble rating of 4.5, and the most recent of them was written just a few weeks ago.

Asian Mint is honored to be counted among the best in the TripAdvisor list

The year 2018 has been very good to Asian Mint, as we have mentioned more than once on this blog. We’ve been receiving accolades upon accolades, and the Mint Family is growing with the recent opening of EnjoyMint. Being counted among the best Thai restaurants in Dallas is just one of the blessings that have landed on us this year.

As thrilling as receiving these accolades may be, it’s also a humbling reminder. All the honor and praise we have been getting may have been the result of our hard work and persistence. But in the end, we wouldn’t really be where we are right now without you, our Mint Fanatics. So, more than ever, we are determined to fulfill our commitment to serve great Thai and Asian fusion food, and to continue to be part of this awesome community we are in.


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