Asian Mint Staff Tour April 2016 Part 4!


We’re taking our entire staff on a tour. You guys excited? Tour and a snack.

Now we’re in the walkway going towards the private dining. There are two restrooms here. Also with a beautiful changing station, beautiful tile.

Now we’ve entered our private dining room through glass doors. This room will seat 36 people seated or 60 standing cocktail. It is fully equipped with a surround sound system for people who want to do smaller conferences, presentations, and parties. There’s going to be projector that’s over 100 inches wide. You can do karaoke in here. You can have pretty much anything that you can imagine. I’ve pretty much white-shelved this room so you can change it into whatever style you want it to be.

Keep coming, keep coming.

We have a beautiful cabinet going on here for a lot of catering stuff.

How many people can fit in here?

36. It’s 9 tables of 4.

Now we enter into the kitchen. Don’t get lost.


This is the kitchen. The back of the kitchen, which is really where servers don’t have to come back here anymore. We’re going to keep you guys up to the front. We have the walk-in freezer combo. All the prep will still be here. We have the rice cookers here. A lot of shelving.

We have the new kitchen line. If you guys worked at the Mint, it is very, very similar to what’s going on there. Five hoods, five wok hole, six burner range, 24″ grill, two fryers, and two stockpots for doing sauces, and a cheese melter that we’re going to use for all the cheese. So the sushi appetizer, everything’s going to be on the line.

This is where the food expo, food runner will be hanging out, on this side here. Then we’re back on the other side.


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