Catering for the Holidays

Catering for the Holidays


“Hi, this is Nikky from Asian Mint. I have noticed that a few of you have been coming in a little bit hectic, and I would really like to help you clear your to-do list off a little bit. You know what we’re good at. We provide amazing fresh food. If there are some side items that you don’t really want to this holiday, let us take care of it. Bring in a platter, we can make it beautiful for you. Anything you need, we can have it ready for you. Just look at our menu, we have also some catering menus online at

Private Dining Room

Also, we have a private dining room now in the back. Again, information online. Great ideas, great pictures of the room. Check us out, we’re here for you. We would like for you to have an amazing Asian Mint experience this holiday. Thank you, and talk to you soon.”


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