Expansion of Love Ready to Serve!

Are you guys ready?

Ready for the new Asian Mint?

Come on in.

The first beautiful, beautiful focal point, as you can see is our new bar.

We have four new screens, and we have Mai already working. We have a beautiful host stand. Look at all these new tables and chairs that we added for you guys. We’re so, so excited and ready to serve you.

We also have an indoor/outdoor feel as we have included new windows so you can get some fresh air in this beautiful space that we have created for you. We have some amazing wall art that’s going to be coming in about a week or so to fill out this side. Balance it out.

We have a new frozen drink machine, so we’re going to be making some new Asian-flaired frozen drinks.

Today we’re serving a mango pina colada and also a mango sangria. It is out of this world. I took a taste. I thought I in Cancun. What’s the best? You can feel that way.


As I walk towards the back, we have included fun, fun lighting as this is the entrance to our new private dining room. If you have a party that you want to throw, some conferences, business lunches, we now have it ready for you. You guys have been asking me for it over ten years, and we are ready. So, here we go!

I have let it be a very, very white canvas for you.

We have equipped it with projector that will fill out this whole screen. Over a hundred inches. 7.2 surround sound system. Microphones. Put that set up that you can do your presentations on–show a product launch or baby shower pictures. A little catering area. We can serve things family style.

This room can be turned into any color that you like, decorated with anything that you want, and we are ready to serve you.

Check out our group dining menu, our new food menu that we also have. We included a few new items that are extremely popular from our other locations or from all of our chef specials that we’ve done over the year and you guys said, “Please, put it on the menu!” We have now the papaya salad, a new noodle salad that’s awesome, peanut chicken basil, for example, some tuna crisp, some shrimp rangoon and we are so, so ready to have you come and join us again. We missed you so much. Hope to see you soon.

Again, check out our website asianmint.com. We have our new menus up, our catering menu, our group dining menu. We are ready to work with you and ready, ready to serve you. Come in to enjoy life and enjoy great Asian food with us again. See you soon. Have a great day.


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