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Start 2021 with Chef Nikky’s Experience Thailand Healthy Cooking Classes This January

Happy New Year, Mint Fanatics! Are you excited to start 2021 with self-care and positive intentions? We certainly are. And with that in mind, we invite you to begin this brand-new year right. Our Chef Nikky is definitely on Team Eating Healthy this year, and she’s making it count with her brand-new Experience Thailand series of virtual cooking events.

She has two of these exciting cooking experiences set for January. Check them out:

January 9: Asian Vegetable Stir-Fry

experience thailand, asian vegetable stir-fry

Chef Nikky’s Experience Thailand virtual cooking event is going to be all about Asian vegetable stir-fry. It’s her go-to dish whenever she wants to eat light and still enjoy a filling and delicious meal. The recipe is easy, and the ingredients are readily available from any grocery store. For best results, though, we encourage you to use her signature sauces for this dish.

What’s special about Asian vegetable stir-fry is it’s readily adaptable to suit your dietary needs and preferences. It’s low-carb, keto-friendly, and gluten-free. And you can make it completely vegetarian or vegan if you like.

Sign up for this cooking experience here:

January 29: Summer Rolls and Shirataki Pad Woon Sen

experience thailand, pad woon sen

Chef Nikky continues to set her intentions for 2021 with this healthy Thai cooking experience on January 29. This leg of her Experience Thailand virtual cooking events features two of her favorite comfort dishes: summer rolls and shirataki pad woon sen. To make things even more fun, there’s going to be some gingertini toasting as well.

Just like with the Asian vegetable stir-fry, summer rolls and shirataki pad woon sen are dishes you can easily adapt to your dietary needs. Chef Nikky offers vegan and pescatarian options for her recipes. If you’re going to cook along with her instead of simply watching the demo, you can pick up your cooking class kit at Asian Mint Forest Lane. Alternatively, if you don’t live in the Dallas area, we can ship you a kit.

experience thailand, summer rolls

You can join this cooking experience here:

Let’s all set our good intentions for the new year with Chef Nikky’s Experience Thailand virtual cooking events, Mint Fanatics. See you in class!